Larkspur Lavender Farm

Natural...Locally Grown in Nevada County, California

12374 Larkspur Lane, Grass Valley, CA




Fresh & Dried Lavender Bouquets {available in dried buds for culinary, medicinal and craft use}

*Lavandula angustifolia~true English lavender-this species produces the finest oil, sweet with no camphor, making them a superior choice for culinary and medicinal use.

~'Betty's Blue'

{Betty's Blue is an excellent choice for bouquets, potpourris, and crafts because of its deep blue color and tight flower heads.  Stem length: 6-8 in.)

~'Buena Vista'

{Buena Vista has medium-purple flowers and is sought after for its sweet fragrance and is a great choice for culinary use.  Stem length: 10-12 in.]


{Folgate flower spikes appear to be an almost iridescent periwinkle blue.  Stem length: 8-10 in.}




~'French Fields'

{French Fields has a true purple flower that closely resembles lavender that appears to grow wild in the Mediterranean, resulting in the name. Stem length: 8-10 in.}

~'Hidcote Superior'

{Hidcote Superior is one of the darkest-purple blooming lavenders.}

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{Munstead has a medium purple flower that is an excellent choice for fragrant or ornamental use, praised for its hardiness. Stem length: 6-8 in.}

~'Purple Bouquet'

{Purple Bouquet boasts long, dark purple stems excellent for bouquets or crafts.  Stem length: 12-15 in.}

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Fresh Bouquet - 10.00

Dried Bouquet - 8.00

Live Plant 4 in. - 7.99

Loose Lavender Buds - 10.00/1/2 lb.

20.00/1 lb.

Culinary Grade A Lavender Buds -

18.00 per 1/2 lb.

30.00 per 1 lb.

Contact farm for seasonal availability